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Yuletiders were kind this year, and I recieved not one, but three amazing fics!

Swordspoint (Ellen Kushner) - Ladies of Quality - Lady Katherine is the most sensible Duchess Tremontaine has seen in four generations. Which isn't saying a whole lot.

It's post-canon Katherine/Artemesia femslash!  I could stop right there, because that was basically my entire request for this canon.  But there's more!  It has some lovely nods to canon and portrays a relationship between the girls that plays to both of their strengths.  If you're at all familiar with this canon, it's definitely worth a read.

Galavant - She Talks To Dragons (And Other Dragon-Like Things) - Post-canon, Isabella, Sid and Galavant are traveling do-gooders who quest for justice...and a small fee. Their latest mission involves a vanished princess and an allegedly deadly dragon.

If you're at all familiar with fantasy tropes, then you can probably guess how this story goes, but it's still a fun read- mostly because Galavant is all about fantasy tropes.  It's light and fun and its version of Isabella is a badass who saves the day, which I am definitely down with. ;)

Rosemary & Thyme - Rosemary's for remembrance - Rosemary really doesn't like it when Laura gets shot.

More femslash!  (Gee, wonder what I requested this year?)  And it's hurt/comfort after a case that went south, which is just perfect for this show.  The author absolutely nailed the banter between Rosemary and Laura, which made it great.  :D