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Chocolate Box 2017

Dear Chocolatier,

Thank you so much for creating something for me!  I know my letter is horrifyingly long, but I wanted to talk about each of the pairings I requested, and there were a lot.

Things I like:
• Characters who are really good at what they do
• Outsider POV
• Hurt/Comfort
• Friends-to-Lovers
• Families of Choice / Found Families
• Angst with a happy ending
• Pretend dating or secretly dating
• Casefic
• Porn with plot
• Happy or happy-for-now ending
• Women out for revenge against people who have wronged them
• Loyalty kink
• Language barriers
• Soulmate AUs, auto racing AUs, reality show AUs

Art-specific likes + notes:
I am terrible at art, myself, and am very impressed by anyone who can create fanart. I've tried to provide art-friendly prompts in the relevant canons, but in case those don't work for you, here are a few extra likes:
• Costume porn
• Fake comic covers/movie posters/etc.
• Kissing
• Eating together
See below for more specific prompts!

• Mundane AUs, like high school or coffeeshop AUs (see exceptions above)
• Character death
• Unprompted crossovers or fusions
• Levels of violence that are graphic or extreme beyond canon
• Unrequested non-con (dub-con or non-con in requested scenarios is A-OK)
• PWPs
• Brainwashing/mental horror
• Unrequested pairings

Age of Youth

What I like about canon: THE GIRLS.  I love these 5 girls, I love their relationships with each other, I love how very flawed and human they are.  Every time I thought I had decided who my favorite was, something else would happen and I would pick a new favorite.  I love that all the girls have big secrets, and how those secrets get unraveled and revealed.  I love how the girls are all there for each other when things go bad, and how much they genuniely love each other.  And I love that the het romances take a backseat to the female friendships!

(Note on canon: this is airing on US Netflix as "Hello, My Twenties".)

Song Ji Won & Yoo Eun Jae
Song Ji Won/Yoo Eun Jae:
I love how Eun Jae looks up to Ji Won, and I love how protective Ji Won is of Eun Jae!  And I love how their personalities contrast: Eun Jae is so quiet and reserved (especially at first) and Ji Won is so outgoing.  I'd love something that deals with Ji Won's lie about the autopsy results, and how that affects how she sees Eun Jae going forward.  Or maybe Ji Won finally gets around to showing Eun Jae porn!

Yoo Eun Jae & Yoon Jin Myung
Yoo Eun Jae/Yoon Jin Myung:
We don't see enough of these two interacting in canon.  They're roommates!  And in some ways they're very alike-- they're both reserved and a little bit cynical-- but Jin Myung is older and much less naive than Eun Jae. Maybe a missing scene from canon?  Or something after Jin Myung returns from China?

Kang Yi Na & Yoo Eun Jae
Kang Yi Na/Yoo Eun Jae:
These two are roommates now!  What does that look like?  Yi Na has such a forceful personality, and Eun Jae is much quieter--but still stubborn in her own way.  What does it look like when they come into conflict?  What does it look like when they make up?  Or maybe Yi Na gives Eun Jae tips on makeup/clothes/boys (with optional kissing)?

Jung Ye Eun & Yoo Eun Jae
Jung Ye Eun/Yoo Eun Jae:
Ye Eun and Eun Jae got off to a rocky start, but they became good friends quickly after that.  Like the others, Ye Eun kind of takes Eun Jae under her wing, giving her advice.  I would love something that touches on this dynamic, where they're so easily frustrated with each other and don't really understand each other, but also care for one another.  Maybe something in the aftermath of Ye Eun's rescue, after Eun Jae was stabbed/slashed by Doo Young?  Or if that's too heavy, I'd love a missing scene from canon, or a bonding moment between the two girls.

Kang Yi Na & Yoon Jin Myung
Kang Yi Na/Yoon Jin Myung:
These two have some great love/hate tension going on.  Each of them kind of wants to be the other, and that's a fun dynamic.  Jin Myung wants an easy life, and Yi Na wishes she could be diligent.  The way they look at each other-- it's like they can't decide whether they want to fight each other or kiss.  Do they text/email/skype when Jin Myung is in China?  Do they have weird hatesex that turns into feelings?  They almost shared a bed in canon-- I would be 100% down for bed sharing.

Jung Ye Eun & Song Ji Won
Jung Ye Eun/Song Ji Won
: Ye Eun and Ji Won are total besties and I love that.  I love that Ji Won calls Ye Eun "Madam Jung", I love that they're supportive of each other while still teasing and poking fun at each other, I just love how much they love each other.  More of them hanging out together would be great.  Or a missing scene in canon!  Or any friends-to-lovers scenarios/tropes would be great.

Kang Yi Na & Song Ji Won
Kang Yi Na/Song Ji Won:
Yi Na and Ji Won are both fun-loving and outgoing. Ji Won is a lot dorkier, of course, while Yi Na is much smoother, but they both know how to have fun. Yi Na should devirginize Ji Won!  She has all the sexual experience Ji Won would love to have, after all.  I'd also like something involving the two of them at a party or throwing (another) party.

Jung Ye Eun & Kang Yi Na
Jung Ye Eun/Kang Yi Na:
I love the tension between these girls-- they're friends, but they're both quick to get angry, and say and do things they might regret. I love how protective Yi Na is of Ye Eun, and how she wants her to be with someone who cares about her and will be kind to her.  And I absolutely love the scene where Yi Na kisses Ye Eun to prove a point, and the scene where Yi Na says she's Ye Eun's lover in order to rescue her from the club.  Anything with these two would be great-- sharing clothes, or drinking their sorrows away, or making up after a fight.  Arguing that turns to kissing would also be awesome.

Song Ji Won & Yoon Jin Myung
Song Ji Won/Yoon Jin Myung:
These two are such polar opposites, but I love the times they do interact in the show.  Jin Myung is just kind of amused at Ji Won's shenanigans, and Ji Won is totally accepting of Jin Myung for who she actually is.  Plus, I love how Jin Myung forgives Ji Won so quickly for lying about the ghost!  I would love anything with these two-- maybe Ji Won convinces Jin Myung to lighten up a bit and let loose?

Jung Ye Eun & Yoon Jin Myung
Jung Ye Eun/Yoon Jin Myung:
Ye Eun and Jin Myung are also total opposites.  Jin Myung is very independent, and very afraid of depending on anyone, while Ye Eun is afraid of being alone.  I would love to see how their different insecurities clash.

Avengers Academy

What I like about canon: It's fun and light-hearted!  I love the character interactions, and seeing the characters defeat villains and solve problems through the power of dance.

I love meta-fic about ridiclous game mechanics, or about silly animations (stuff like "why does Loki dance all the time" and "wtf is up with Natasha's stealth mode"). So feel free to go cracky!  I don't have any of the British Invasion characters (and I'm missing most of the premium characters that aren't girls), but feel free to include as many other characters as you want! I love them all!

Black Widow/Spider-Woman: Spy shenanigans!  Natasha doesn't trust anybody, and neither does Jessica.  I'd love it if they were constantly spying on each other, and grew kind of fond of each other through the constant spying (and finally got to know each other the normal way- through dancing for 8 hours side-by-side.)

Black Widow/Peggy Carter: I love how star-struck Natasha is by Peggy!  I would love innuendo involving comparing spy gear, or Peggy needing a little bit of help with adjusting to the 21st century, or the two girls investigating the timefog.

Singularity & Wasp: I love how Janet drags everyone kicking & screaming into having fun.  Everything is a party for her!  Similarly, Singularity takes so much joy in EVERYTHING!  I would love anything with the two girls hanging out, partying, riding unicorns, or kicking villain ass.

Can't Buy Me Love
Fanart, Fanfiction

What I like about canon: FOUND FAMILIES.  Seriously, I love how quick the Kams are to accept people into their family circle, and how protective they become of people they once despised (like the Tings or Chiu Yeung).  I mostly nominated the women here, but I really love all of the characters and relationships. Another thing I love is how biological parents don't matter to the characters as much as the parents who raised them-- whether it's Ting Loi Hei with Dor Fook and Dor Luk or Chiu Yeung and her father and Ng Sz Tak or Ting Choi Wong and Mai Yan Che with Yau Wai.  The only thing I'm not crazy about is the babies-ever-after epilogue, so feel free to ignore that.  I also requested art for this fandom, and I have to say: I love the costumes.  I've tried to make my prompts friendly for both fic and art, but if all else fails, costume porn would make me very, very happy.

Chiu Yeung & Ng Sz Tak: Every time Sz Tak is on screen, my heart grows about two sizes.  She's just such a good person!  (Although I could have done with a little less of her misunderstandings-lead-to-pining romantic plot.)  I love that she and Chiu Yeung are from the same village, and that they so obviously adore each other and want each other to be happy.  I also love that Sz Tak ends up being unofficially adopted by the king and the other princesses by the end!  Anything involving these two would be great!  I'd especially love a scene where Sz Tak makes special congee for the princess, or where they spend time in the palace with the rest of the royal family, but honestly, I'd love anything.

Chiu Yeung & Szeto Ngan Ping
Chiu Yeung/Szeto Ngan Ping:
I love the relationship between these two. Despite class differences, they're intensely loyal to each other and are willing to back each other up no matter what.  Whether they're sisters-in-spirit or lovers, they are there for each other and are willing to overlook each other's flaws (in fact, I'm not sure they realize they have flaws, they're so quick to jump to each others' defense!).  I'd love to see something involving the two when they're young: they've known each other since Chiu Yeung first came to the palace, and the first episode indicates that they've snuck out before.  What other trouble have they gotten into?  Or something after they are released from prison and have to live as commoners.  Or honestly, anything heavy on the loyalty kink.

Ng Sz Tak & Szeto Ngan Ping
Ng Sz Tak/Szeto Ngan Ping:
Sz Tak is so charming and unassuming, and Ngan Ping is so opinionated; they're so very different, but still manage to become close friends. I love how quickly these two become friends, and how they play off of each other.  Despite being somewhat straight-laced, Sz Tak is surprisingly quick to join Ngan Ping in her shenanigans.  I love how genuinely kind Sz Tak is, and how that contrasts with how mercenary Ngan Ping can be.  And honestly, Ngan Ping only wants to get married for a spirit tablet (at least at first).  I'd love something where the two get into some harmless kind of trouble, or a missing scene where Sz Tak and Ngan Ping come up with more ideas to get Ngan Ping a spirit tablet.  Honestly, anything with the two working together (and/or kissing) would be great!

Chiu Yeung & Szeto Ngan Ping & Ng Sz Tak: Basically, everything I said above goes here as well.  Loyalty kink, shenanigans, or anything that shows how close the three are.  I'd also love anything that includes Ngan Ping and Sz Tak helping Chiu Yeung spread her paper dragonflies, or the three playing the Game of Leaves, or preparing for some kind of royal event.

Chiu Yeung/Kam Dor Luk: The only het pairing I'm requesting!!!  But seriously, I love their romance.  I love the "marriage of convenience" trope, I love how the paper dragonflies connect them, I love how they stand by each other when trouble comes (but they do it in their own ways).  I love how well they complement each other-- they're both a little foolish, but they love each other deeply and are willing to make sacrifices for each other.  I'd love something involving the paper dragonflies, whether it's making them together or touching on how the dragonflies have connected them through the years.  Or the two preparing for a royal event (or going to a royal event, where Dor Luk would inevitably do or say something frowned upon) or more of the two going around, or honestly anything.

Ever After High
Fanart, Fanfiction

What I like about canon: I love fairy tale retellings, and I love how this show plays with the idea of destiny.  It's not super nuanced, given that it's an internet-only show for kids, but I love anything that deals with the idea of changing your own destiny.  Plus!  The characters are all super adorable, and very shippable.

Briar Beauty/Apple White: Briar is a favorite of mine, and I'm so glad we got more of her in Epic Winter!  I love how unsure she is about her destiny and that she's firmly a Royal, but sees the Rebels' point of view.   Apple frustrates me sometimes, because she's so sure that just because her destiny is going to work out well, everyone else's is, too.  That said, she's really well-meaning and sweet, and she usually comes around. I would love to see them as friends turning into something more (what kind of dates do girlfriends go on at EAH?), or a canon divergence where Briar becomes a Rebel in order to defy her destiny.

Briar Beauty/Faybelle Thorn: I finally got around to watching Epic Winter, and the interaction between these two really grabbed me.  I love that Faybelle is selfish and self-centered, but has a softer side.  And during the dream sequence, I loved the image of Faybelle stopping Briar from touching the spindle!  I'd love basically anything-- these two going to a party, Faybelle causing mischief as a way of dealing with ~feelings, or whatever other shenanigans they might get up to.  Or maybe Faybelle wondering where she fits into their story if Briar tries to change her destiny?

Madeline "Maddie" Hatter/Raven Queen: I love how Raven straddles the line between Rebel and Royal, and is very much her own kind of person.  I also love Maddie-- from the very first moment she was onscreen, I knew I would love her.  I love that she's able to hear the Narrators and talk back to them, and I love Riddlish!  I also love Maddie's relationship with her dad.  I would love anything with the two girls going from friends to girlfriends, or having Wonderland-style tea parties, or getting into canon-style shenanigans.

Original Work

Crossdressing Regency Lady/Regency Lady: I am a huge fan of Regency romances, a huge fan of ladies crossdressing for ~reasons, and also a huge fan of f/f romances.  (And I just read Heyer's The Masqueraders, which, while not strictly Regency, was pretty great.)  So basically anything here will work.  Maybe the lady needs to get married, and she attempts to strike up a relationship with the crossdressing lady?  Why is the crossdressing lady crossdressing?  I am here for some tropey Regency nonsense!

Handmaiden/Princess: This would be prime for more loyalty kink.  How long have the two known each other?  Are they friends, or is it a more antagonistic-type relationship?  How did the two become lovers?

Imposter Princess/Bodyguard: F/F for this, please!  This pairing is really intriguing: why is the princess an imposter?  What is she hoping to accomplish?  Does she know that she's an imposter, or is she just a pawn in someone else's scheme?  Does the bodyguard know the princess is an imposter?  Is she in on whatever the scheme is, or did she just get dragged into this?

Thank you so much for writing or creating art for me!  I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you create!!!