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Yuletide 2016

Dear Yuletide Writer,
I'm sure I'll like whatever you write for me, so just have fun!  I know this letter got a little long, and there are some canons that have more prompts than others, but that just means I had a lot of ideas for those.  If I requested a character or canon, I would be happy to see just about anything for them!

Don't feel like you need to use all of my characters for any particular canon; in most cases, my optional prompts are for one character or a subset of characters.
I'm saiditallbefore on AO3.

Things I like:
• Competency!  I love it when you show me my faves being good at things.
• Outsider POV
• Hurt/Comfort
• Friends-to-Lovers
• Families of Choice
• Angst with a happy ending
• Pretend dating or secretly dating
• Casefic
• Porn with plot
• Happy or happy-for-now endings

See below for more specific prompts!

• Mundane AUs, like high school or coffeeshop AUs
• Character death
• Unprompted crossovers or fusions
• Levels of violence that are graphic or extreme beyond canon
• Unrequested non-con (dub-con or non-con in requested scenarios is A-OK)
• PWPs
• Brainwashing/mental horror
• Unrequested pairings

Caper (Webseries)
Characters: Penny Blue, Alexia
Ships: Penny Blue/Alexia

Caper is a 9-part webseries made by Geek & Sundry.  It's a superhero parody, in which our four heroes realize heroics don't pay so well, and plan a heist (or a caper, as the Superman-expy calls it) in order to pay their rent. I'm asking for fic about Penny Blue (played by Abby Miller), a young woman who uses her mechanical suit of armor to save the day, and Alexia (played by Beth Riesgraf), an Amazonian warrior-turned-assassin-turned-hero.  All told, it's about 90 minutes long.

I would love something set post-canon for these characters.  What happens next?  Do they make it big, or do things go back to the way they were?  I'd love something with Alexia and Penny struggling to get along and understand each other, whether they're trying to figure out how to pay the cable bill or taking down a supervillain.  I especially would love some Penny/Alexia-- maybe the reason Alexia was so upset about Penny sleeping with Sam Clarke was jealousy.

If you're not feeling that, I'd love some more about Alexia's backstory.  How does one go from being an Amazonian warrior princess to being an assassin to being a hero?  On a meta level, she's pretty clearly a cross between Black Widow and Wonder Woman, but I would love to see how this played out.  Low on tragedy, please; I know most origin stories are rife with it, but I don't see that for Alexia.

For Penny, I would love future fic.  Does The Machine suddenly become one of the most respected superheroes in America?  Does she help save the world through her awesome, crime-detecting app?  What does she get up to next?

I am 100% okay with including Dagr and Luke in the fic (I love both of them!), but I want the focus to be on Alexia and/or Penny.

Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine
Characters: Ella of Frell, Arieda, Prince Charmont
Ships: Ella/Char, Ella/Arieda, Ella/Char/Arieda

Ella Enchanted was such an important book to me when I was growing up- it was the first fantasy I read besides Narnia, and it was the first fairy tale retelling I read.  It's the first book I turn back to whenever I get depressed, because it always lifts me up.

I love, love, love Ella & Arieda's friendship.  I love that they are both outsiders at finishing school that manage to find each other, and my heart always breaks when Ella has to leave Arieda.  I would love an AU where they fall in love, and that's how Ella eventually breaks her curse.  (I'm not 100% sure how that would work with Hattie's order, but if you can think of a way...)  I'd also love post-canon fic featuring these two, either friendship fic or femslash fic. (Fairest takes place in Ayortha, Arieda's home country, and is about Arieda's sister.  I've read it, though it doesn't hold my heart like Ella Enchanted does.  Feel free to crib from it, or not.)

I also love Ella/Char-- they have a lovely relationship in canon, and I would love to see more.  Maybe something where Ella meets Char's parents and sister as herself, not as Lela?  Or something featuring the two of them going on adventures together.  Or just a moment with them walking through the royal menagerie together or sliding down stair rails or something else ridiculous.

I've also been thinking about Ella/Char/Arieda lately.  We don't get a lot of Char & Arieda interaction in the book-- only a journal entry from Char recounting their conversation about Ella, but I think they would get along if Arieda wasn't treating him so much like a prince.  So I'd love something post-canon where Arieda visits her friends in Frell and ~feelings~ happen between the three of them.

Nancy Drew (Video Games)
Characters: Nancy Drew, Bess Marvin, George Fayne, Deirdre Shannon
Ships: Nancy/Deirdre

I have played all of the Nancy Drew games that are compatible with my Mac, which means I've played from #22 (Trail of the Twister) through #32 (Sea of Darkness).  Favorites include The Silent Spy, Alibi in Ashes, Ghost of Thornton Hall, and The Deadly Device. (And I'm impatiently awaiting #33, Midnight in Salem!)

Basically, anything goes here.  I would love something about Nancy on one of her cases, or some kind of metafic about all the weird stuff she picks up and weird puzzles she does, or her interacting with a minor character from one of her cases.  (Sonny Joon? Jamila El-Dine? Zoe Wolfe? Ryan Kilpatrick? Kiri Nind?)

One of the things I love most about Alibi in Ashes is playing as Bess and George and Ned.  I would love something similar, where Bess and/or George are helping Nancy with a case because she's indisposed for some reason.  I'd also love their POV on one of Nancy's cases!  What was Bess thinking during The Shattered Medallion, when she had to become Nancy's teammate for the show?  What were they getting up to at the Expo during Shadow at the Water's Edge?

Deirdre.  Oh, Deirdre.  If you don't know Deirdre Shannon, she appears in The Deadly Device and Alibi in Ashes.  (And she'll appear again in Midnight in Salem!)  She's a college student studying criminology, and she is pretty sure she's better at sleuthing than Nancy.  I would love something where they come into competition during a case, or where they have to reluctantly team up.  (Preferably with lots of snarking!)  Femslash would be welcome, but I would also love gen.

Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat!
Characters: Patsy Walker, Hedy Wolfe, Jennifer Walters
Ships: Patsy/Jennifer, Patsy/Hedy

I love this comic and everything about it.  I had never even heard of Patsy Walker before I saw the preview pages for this comic (I'm relatively new to comics), and I had no idea what I was getting into, but it's so much fun!  I love how optimistic Patsy is, even though she knows exactly how bad things can get.  And I love the idea of a temp agency for superhumans!

As an FYI, I'm reading the trades, and Volume 2 will not be out until January, so when Yuletide rolls around I'll only be caught up through issue 6.  I'm not super worried about spoilers, but if you reference a plot point from issues #7-12, I won't know.

Basically, anything goes.  I would love friendship fic for Patsy & Jennifer, or frenemies fic for Patsy & Hedy.  Or femslash fic for either couple!  I would love something where Patsy and Jennifer are going on superheroic adventures, or where Patsy is freelancing as an investigator for Jennifer, or a little bit of both.  I would love pre-canon fic for Patsy & Hedy, back when they were friends (or frenemies), or something about them as adults and how they relate to each other after everything.  (Fucked-up femslash is my immediate impulse, but I would also like gen if that's not your bag.)

A Tangled Web - L. M. Montgomery
Characters: Margaret Dark, Peter Penhallow, Donna Dark, Joscelyn Dark
Ships: Jocelyn/Hugh, Peter/Donna, Donna/Virginia, Margaret/OFC

This book is among my favorite of L.M. Montgomery's books, though I seem to be in the minority even among her fans. While it does have a few problems (one of the subplots gets hella racist), I love this book and all of the characters.  I had a truly terrible time narrowing my nominations down to just 4 characters (poor Gay Penhallow and Aunt Becky just couldn't make the cut, nor could Hugh Dark), but  please don't let that stop you!

In general, I'd like to read something about the characters post-canon.  I want to hear about Margaret, now that she's finally got her little house and has adopted Brian.  The rest of the clan probably gives her an awful time about being jilted by Penny- or do they?  If you are up for it, I would especially like a story where Margaret falls in love with a woman. I can definitely see Margaret as a lesbian.

We saw a little of how Jocelyn started to rebuild her life with Hugh after her awful mistake; how do they go on?  (Headcanon alert: Jocelyn always seems to me to be a very blunt person; I've always headcanoned her to be more like the Next Coming of Aunt Becky than anyone else.  But with a bit more empathy.)  Are things suddenly just better?  Does Jocelyn get bored with Hugh again and look somewhere else, or do they make it work?

And Donna and Peter- tell me all about their adventures together as a couple!  Or if you would rather just write about Peter, I would love to know more about him before he fell in love with Donna.  I'd also be interested in Donna's friendship with Virginia, before and after Donna's second marriage. Or maybe an AU where Donna and Peter don't fall in love, but instead Donna and Virginia's pledge of eternal widowhood is partly because the two of them are in love?

Tous Tender Stories
Characters: Alice, Alice's Husband
Ships: Alice/Creepiness

You may know this as GOOD MORNING ALICE.  Or as "that fucking weird commerical starring Gwyneth Paltrow listening to her dead astronaut husband's voice on cassette tapes".  If you haven't seen it, the video can be found on YouTube here- it's less than 2 minutes long.  It features Gwyneth Paltrow, listening to a recording of a man (her husband?) on a cassette tape (even though the fashion and everything else points to this being set in 2016). The cassette tape tells her where her present is hidden, and then we realize that her husband is an astronaut.

So...her husband is dead, right? What is up with the cassette tapes? How long did he spend recording those things? How many of those are there? Is it like, a year's worth, and she replays them every year (putting everything back in place afterwards, lending an extra air of creepiness to the whole thing)? Was this guy actually her husband, or did she murder his wife and take over her life? Was dead-astronaut-husband psychic, and now the wife is paralyzed without him to make predictions about her day?

Basically, I just want psychological weirdness and Alice being crazy.

Thanks so much for writing for me!