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You Can Do That In Fanfiction Letter

Dear Scribbler,
I'm sure I'll like whatever you write for me, so just have fun!  I know this letter got a little long, and there are some pairings that have more prompts than others, but that just means I had a lot of ideas for those pairings.  If I requested it, I definitely would be happy to see it!
I'm saiditallbefore on AO3.
Things I like:

  • Competency!  I love it when you show me my faves being good at things.

  • Outsider POV

  • Hurt/Comfort

  • 5 + 1

  • Friends-to-Lovers

  • Families of Choice

  • Angst with a happy ending

  • Pretend dating or secretly dating

  • Casefic

  • Porn with plot

  • Happy or happy-for-now endings

  • Futurefic or post-canon fic

See below for more specific prompts!

  • Mundane AUs, like high school or coffeeshop AUs

  • Character Death

  • Unprompted crossovers or fusions

  • Levels of violence that are graphic or extreme beyond canon

  • Non-con as a focus

  • PWPs

  • Brainwashing/mental horror

  • Unrequested pairings

Gravity Falls
Pacifica Northwest, Mabel Pines

This show is absolutely charming.  I love the setting, I love the twins' relationship and their relationship with Grunkle Stan, and I love the plots.  Mabel is far and away my favorite character- It's so enjoyable to see a dorky tween girl on tv without being madeover or being the butt of any jokes.  She's sweet and she's just a lot of fun.  I also really like Pacifica, especially the more we get to know her; it's pretty clear that her family life is pretty messed up and that she's nowhere near as happy a person as Mabel is.  On the other hand, I loved seeing her move towards being a better person in Northwest Mansion Mystery.
I'd like to see the girls solving a mystery on their own!  Or something about Pacific post-canon, now that Weirdmageddon has happened and the Pines twins have gone home-- what does she do now?  I definitely ship Mabel/Pacifica, so maybe getting into a fight over a boy, then realizing the boy wasn't who they were jealous of at all.  (Feel free to substitute anything for the boy here- some sort of award, an outfit, anything.)  Maybe Pacifica dates Dipper at first as an unconscious replacement for Mabel and it makes everyone uncomfortable?  I like all the characters in Gravity Falls so feel free to use whoever you want as secondary characters here.

H2O: Just Add Water
Rikki Chadwick, Emma Gilbert, Bella Hartley, Lewis McCartney, Cleo Sertori

This is one of my favorite tiny fandoms and I will be delighted with literally anything.  Weird science?  Mermaid magic?  Teen drama?  Lay it all on me!

That said, I would love lots of shenanigans for this fandom.  Maybe something with Rikki & Lewis forced to work together, or choosing together, and teasing each other and playing tons of pranks on each other?  Or literally anything about Bella and Emma meeting and becoming friends (especially if the friendship is kind of uneasy at first-- maybe Emma feels like Bella is her replacement, or Bella thinks she can't measure up to Emma).  Or something with one of the girls' families finding out about their mermaid powers-- my personal headcanon is that Elliot finds out about Emma's mermaid powers on their trip around the world, but I'd love something about any of the families.  (Kim is always a great go-to for mischief.)  What was it like for Bella after she became a mermaid?  Was she lonely before she met the others?  Cleo becomes a lot better at science after Lewis leaves-- there are out-of-universe reasons for that (they needed a Smart One on the show), but is there an in-universe reason (maybe all those study dates were really just distracting)?  What does Lewis get up to in America?  Does he find more mermaids, or maybe do the girls visit him?  Any of the secondary characters you want to use are great.

I definitely ship Cleo/Lewis and Rikki/Zane, but don't feel like you have to write those ships or any ships if you don't feel like it.

Hannah Montana
Miley Stewart, Lilly Truscott

I would love something about Miley and Lilly post-canon-- does Miley still manage to keep up her Hannah charade in college?  I would love outsider POV (either post-canon or during canon) on either Miley or Hannah: what do people think she's always up to?  Do people think she's just really weird?  Does anyone actually buy that Lola Loftnagle is a real person?  Or just something where the girls get up to trouble like in canon!  I love most of the secondary characters (Robbie Ray, Jackson, Oliver, Rico, anyone from Hannah's posse), so feel free to include them.

I also totally ship Miley/Lilly, so feel free to go there.  Maybe a canon divergent AU where Miley doesn't go to college with Lilly, and the girls stay mad at each other for a while.  (Maybe in this universe, everyone would think Lilly hated Hannah Montana when Lilly was just really mad and couldn't talk to anyone about it, until they finally worked everything out.)  Or something where they fight over a boy and then realize that they weren't actually fighting over the boy at all.

Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Maddie Fitzpatrick, Cody Martin, Zack Martin, London Tipton

Shenanigans.  All of the shenanigans.

Okay, besides that?  Maddie & London being unlikely friends.  Zack & Cody causing trouble (accidentally and on purpose) for the whole Tipton.  Post-canon, the gang reuniting for a birthday or holiday and catching up.  (I've watched most of The Suite Life on Deck, but feel free to ignore it.)  One of my favorite episodes of the show is the one where Carey Martin nearly gets engaged, and Moesby and Zack keep interfering, so anything with the twins working against Mr. Moesby and lots of feelings is a plus.  (The time Mr. Moesby took the twins to a baseball game was also great.)  On the same note, any time Mr. Moesby is a stand-in father to London is fantastic, like the time he taught her to drive.  The Tipton crew is kind of a weird found family, so anything that plays with that would be great.  And as you may have guessed, I absolutely love all of the secondary and tertiary characters.  Yes, even Maddie's school friends who show up like twice.

No Zack/Maddie, please.  (Or, for that matter, either of the twins with either of the girls.)