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Rare Pair Fest

Dear Creator,

I'm sure I'll like whatever you write for me, so just have fun!  I know this letter got a little long, and there are some pairings that have more prompts than others, but that just means I had a lot of ideas for those pairings.  If I requested it, I definitely would be happy to see it!

I'm saiditallbefore on AO3.

Things I like:

  • Competency!  I love it when you show me my faves being good at things.

  • Outsider POV

  • Hurt/Comfort

  • 5 + 1

  • Friends-to-Lovers

  • Families of Choice

  • Angst with a happy ending

  • Pretend dating or secretly dating

  • Casefic

  • Porn with plot

  • Happy or happy-for-now endings

See below for more specific prompts!


  • Mundane AUs, like high school or coffeeshop AUs

  • Character Death

  • Unprompted crossovers or fusions

  • Levels of violence that are graphic or extreme beyond canon

  • Unrequested non-con (dub-con or non-con in requested scenarios is A-OK)

  • PWPs

  • Brainwashing/mental horror

  • Unrequested pairings

Agent Carter

Peggy Carter/Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis

I'm not super thrilled with the infertility subplot, so please don't feel like you have to have Ana or Jarvis angst about that.  I'd love something about the three of them trying to have a normal evening, or Ana getting dragged into their "adventures" (with less disatrous consequences), or whatever. Something quiet and domestic with the three of them, or dealing with Howard would also be great.
Peggy Carter/Dottie Underwood

So, I seriously love Peggy.  She's super competent and confident and sometimes too brash; she's a total bruiser, which is kind of rare in female characters, and she looks stylish while she's doing it.  And I love Dottie to pieces.  She's so messed up and such an unrepentant criminal, but I love her. She's a great villain, and I'd love anything where she's deliciously creepy and sad and complex.  What does she do after she escapes?  Does she suddenly show up in the middle of a case Peggy is working, just to fuck with her?  Does she have any feelings about being abandoned by her country?  And I am totally up for dubconny Dottie/Peggy.  Or hate sex!  Or fight sex!  Just go crazy.

A Little Lily Princess

Becky/Sara Crewe

Becky is my favorite in the book, and she's my favorite in the game.  I love how she and Sara support each other, even (especially) when they have no one else.  Post-canon fic where they're together and living happy lives would be great (maybe Becky gets to wear pretty pink dresses, too?).

Jessie Abbot/Sara Crewe

Post-canon fic about Jessie and Sara travelling and having adventures together!  Alternatively, the Mariette storyline has Sara thinking about becoming a governess and leaving Miss Minchin's, while in the Jessie storyline, Sara doesn't seem to see a way out for either of them.  Maybe that's their way out?  Maybe they find a placement at some nice school or house somewhere, and live happily-ever-after (or happily-for-now).  In this universe, does Mr. Carraway ever find Sara?  (It's okay if he doesn't, as long as Jessie and Sara find happiness in some form.)

Sara Crewe/Ermengarde St. John

Post-canon fic where Sara visits Ermengarde's aunt's house would be lovely.  Honestly, anything that showcases what a good friend Ermengarde really is would be great.  Maybe a canon divergent fic, about what might have happened if Mr. Carraway had never found Sara?  What would Ermengarde and Sara have done then?  Please, nothing making fun of Ermengarde or about Ermengarde being stupid (unless it's a hurt/comfort scenario); being slow with book learning is not the same as stupid.

Sara Crewe/Lavinia Herbert

Lavinia has issues.  Like, capital-I issues.  But I kind of got attached to her by the end of her route anyway.  Anything post-canon would be great, especially if Lavinia continues to grow as a person.  (Though, don't sand away all the rough edges!)

Avengers Academy

I nominated these pairings ~2 weeks ago, and there's already been 2 events with new characters.  So this is just me commiserating with you about how ridiculous the game is on that front.  Another note: be as cracky as you want for this canon!  I love meta-fic about ridiclous game mechanics, or about silly animations (stuff like "why does Loki dance all the time" and "wtf is up with Natasha's stealth mode").

Jessica Drew/Madam Hydra

They're both defectors from HYDRA, but Jessica defected much earlier (and under much different circumstances).  What does their relationship look like?  I'm totally up for dubcon or hatesex here, but you could go in a different direction, too- this is a silly game, after all!

Jessica Drew/Natasha Romanov

Spy shenanigans!  Natasha doesn't trust anybody, and neither does Jessica.  I'd love it if they were constantly spying on each other, and grew kind of fond of each other through the constant spying (and finally got to know each other the normal way- through dancing for 8 hours side-by-side.)

Janet Van Dyne/Kamala Khan

Does Janet try to get Kamala to break ALL THE RULES?  Probably, but Kamala probably doesn't listen.  (Do you still take chaperones on lesbian dates?)  This is probably the absolute fluffiest of all the pairings I requested, and I'm okay with that.  I'd love to see Jan and Kamala totally be each other's cheerleaders, because they each think the other's power is SUPER COOL.  Lots of selfies and parties are absolutely necessary. ;)

Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov

More spy shenanigans!  Natasha is trying to get to the truth, and Maria is loyal to SHIELD and Nicky Fury.  Basically, I want the same thing I want for Jessica/Natasha, except the dynamic here is a little different because Maria is loyal to an actual organization instead of just being a rogue spy.  Or maybe Maria discovers that Fury is keeping dangerous secrets and brings the knowledge to Natasha?

Natasha Romanov/Janet Van Dyne

I love their dynamics in-game.  Natasha takes Jan seriously, even when other people think she's just an airhead, and Jan is on a mission to get Nat to loosen up.  More, please!  Anything where Jan ropes Nat into helping her with something fun and sparkly would be great, as would something where Natasha relies on Jan to be her backup on a serious mission.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch/Heather Davis/Greg Serrano

Don't Settle For Me and the surrounding dialogue really sold me on this.  Which is probably the opposite of what the writers intended, but whatever.  While watching the court case, Heather sounded really into Rebecca!  And of course, so did Greg.  And Rebecca would be totally happy with Greg and Heather if she just let herself, so...  Anyway, give me shenanigans!  Give me Rebecca totally misunderstanding what's going on here!  (Maybe she thinks that Heather is trying to cheat on Greg with her?)  (Maybe she thinks she's completely misinterpreting their totally obvious signals?)

Rebecca Bunch/Valencia Perez

I've shipped it since Feeling Kinda Naughty.  It's a weird hate-crush thing Rebecca's got going on, and I feel like Valencia sort of returns it, sometimes.  Maybe if you lock them in a room together, or get them really drunk, and see what happens?

Rebecca Bunch/Greg Serrano

I ship it.  I ship it like Fed-Ex.  Greg knows exactly how terrible Rebecca can be (and Rebecca knows the same about Greg), and they both still like each other.  They "get" each other.  So, I'd love some shenanigans.  Basically, any of the wacky sitcom tropes that get played with on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (plus whatever fanfic trope) are up for grabs.  Give me some fluffy crack or cracky fluff!

Rebecca Bunch/Heather Davis

Heather would be into it.  Rebecca wouldn't take much convincing.  It's not what Rebecca envisioned (and does Heather have a vision for her future?), but they might be weirdly happy.  Maybe it starts out as one of Paula's schemes (fake dating gone horribly wrong- again?) and turns into something else?

Crossover Pairings

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson (Daredevil TV)/Trish Walker (Jessica Jones)

Bonding over superhero best friends?  Maybe Foggy is a big fan of Trish Talk (or, God help her, "It's Patsy")?  Do they meet through Matt and Jessica, or do Matt and Jessica meet through them?  Honestly, this is another pairing where you can just go crazy.

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)/Matt Murdock (Daredevil TV)

They went to Columbia Law at the same time!  They're both way too nosy, and have a tendency to get into trouble.  I have this idea that they would start dating, each thinking the other is this clean-cut, nice person who always stays out of trouble and is exactly what they need, only to get slowly sucked into the other's secrets as their relationship goes on.  (The first time Matt snuck out to fight crime at night, Veronica would definitely accuse him of cheating.  And then follow him with a camera to get evidence if he denied it.)  So, uh, anything that plays with the idea of the mask they present to the world vs. who they really are, I guess?


Elektra Natchios/Karen Page

They were only in one scene together, and it was all about Matt, and it was only for ~15 seconds, but I ship them so hard.  Elektra deserves someone who believes she can be a good person, despite her past, and Karen deserves someone who will love her even with her dark side.  I really think they would bring out the best in each other.  Plus, they look really good together. As for prompts?  Uh, basically anything goes.  Canon divergence where they meet during season 2 or where Elektra makes Karen her conscience instead of Matt, or post-canon anything (with obvious canon divergence for Elektra).


James "Bucky" Barnes/Sharon Carter

This gif was what made me ship it, tbh.  I don't really know what that says about me, but there you go.  I would love anything about them either post CW or canon-divergent from CW.  They're both kind of in Steve's orbit, so something about getting to know each other?  Or mission fic?

Maya Hansen/Pepper Potts

Canon-divergent from IM3, obviously.  ;)  Anything where Maya lives is great, and I love AUs where Pepper keeps Extremis.  Maybe Maya helps Pepper adjust to Extremis?  Basically anything would be great- there's so little fic for this pairing!

Natasha Romanov/T'Challa

Maybe they start off casual and are both dismayed to find themselves having actual feelings for the other?  Maybe T'Challa has to decide between feelings and duty- especially since Natasha can't have biological children.  (Wow, these prompts are kind of angsty; just to be clear: I would love something fluffier, too.)

Scott Lang/Wanda Maximoff

"You're great."  Everyone else is scared of her, even her friends.  And Scott tells Wanda she's great. <3  Anything with the two of them would be fun.  Maybe he takes her home with him and they start to develop feelings (does everyone else think it's a midlife crisis on his part?).  Or maybe they just keep ending up in the same places together, and she likes him because he makes her smile and he's not afraid.  Or fake dating shenanigans!

Steve Rogers/Wanda Maximoff

Civil War made me ship it (...and everything else, you may have noticed.)  They seem genuinely close in the beginning, and they've probably been spending a lot of time together since AOU.  Maybe something set between AOU and CW, where they get together as Wanda is being trained by Steve?  Or missionfic!  Or something post-CW, where they're on the run from the authorities?

Wanda Maximoff/Natasha Romanov

Natasha knows what it's like to have done terrible things (the "red in my ledger" line has been beaten into the ground, but it's still true).  Maybe she and Wanda find common ground there after Lagos.  Or maybe they grew closer during the time between AOU and CW, when Natasha was helping to train the new lineup of Avengers, Wanda included.  Or maybe some kind of missionfic?

Wynonna Earp

Waverly Earp/Nicole Haught

I've shipped it since the first episode. They're just so damn cute together!   Anyway, I'd love something along the lines of the show, where they're dealing with the supernatural.  Or something from Nicole's point of view, about Waverly and the Earps and the craziness that is Purgatory.