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EveryWoman 2016

Dear Creator,

I'm sure I'll like whatever you write for me, so just have fun!

I'm saiditallbefore on AO3.

Things I like:

  • Competency!  I love it when you show me my faves being good at things.

  • Outsider POV

  • Hurt/Comfort

  • 5 + 1

  • Friends-to-Lovers

  • Families of Choice

  • Angst with a happy ending

  • Pretend dating or secretly dating

  • Casefic

  • Porn with plot

  • Happy or happy-for-now endings

See below for more specific prompts!


  • Mundane AUs, like high school or coffeeshop AUs

  • Character Death

  • Unprompted crossovers or fusions

  • Levels of violence that are graphic or extreme beyond canon

  • Non-con as a focus

  • PWPs

  • Brainwashing/mental horror

Agent Carter
Characters: Ana Jarvis, Rose Roberts, Dottie Underwood, Peggy Carter

This show is a delight. I love everyone in the show, so feel free to include whoever you like.  Rose/Peggy, Dottie/Peggy, Angie/Peggy, and Ana/Edwin/Peggy are super welcome.

Rose was a fantastic surprise this season!  What's a day in the life like for her?  Does she get roped into more cases with Peggy, now? Honestly, anything!

For Ana: tell me more! She's super sweet, and I'd love anything about her: her past, an introspective bit during Season 2, or something post-canon.  I'm not super thrilled with the infertility subplot, so please don't feel like you have to have her angst about that.  I totally ship Ana/Edwin/Peggy as an OT3, as well.  I'd love something about the three of them trying to have a normal evening, or Ana getting dragged into their "adventures" (with less disatrous consequences), or whatever.  Something quiet and domestic with her and Jarvis, or dealing with Howard, or something about her life before she came to America, or something where she gets roped into one of Peggy's cases would also be great.

I love Dottie to pieces.  She's so messed up and such an unrepentant criminal, but I love her.
She's a great villain, and I'd love anything where she's deliciously creepy and sad and complex.  What does she do after she escapes?  Does she suddenly show up in the middle of a case Peggy is working, just to fuck with her?  Does she have any feelings about being abandoned by her country?  And I am totally up for dubconny Dottie/Peggy.  Or hate sex!  Or fight sex!  Just go crazy.

So, I seriously love Peggy.  She's super competent and confident and sometimes too brash; she's a total bruiser, which is kind of rare in female characters, and she looks stylish while she's doing it.  Anything about her: pre-canon, post-canon, missing scenes- all of it would be great.  I'm really sad we didn't get more of Angie this season; for Angie/Peggy, I'd love some pining, or a reunion (Peggy returns to New York, or Angie travels to LA).  Totally up for Angie taking all of the crazy that follows Peggy around in stride.  Or more of Peggy getting roped in to Howard's shenanigans, or working a case, or something shippy, or anything.

Ever After High
Characters: Raven Queen, Madeline "Maddie" Hatter, Briar Beauty, Apple White, Cerise Hood, Mira Shards, Darling Charming
Groups: Apple White & Darling Charming, Madeline "Maddie" Hatter & Raven Queen

I ship everyone with everyone, and Raven is my fandom bike, but my favorite ships are Raven/Maddie, Raven/Darling, and Apple/Briar.

Like I said above, Raven is my fandom bicycle.  I could ship her with literally anyone I've requested here.  I would love anything exploring her complicated relationship with her mother, her quest to write her own story, or her learning about her own magic.  I would love something about her friendship with Maddie- they were supposed to room together at the beginning of the year, before Apple interfered!- or about how she straddles the line between Rebel and Royal.

Maddie is fantastic. <3  From the very first moment she was onscreen, I knew I would love her.  I love that she's able to hear the Narrators and talk back to them, and I love Riddlish!  I also love Maddie's relationship with her dad.  Anything where Maddie is being silly, or being an expert on Wonderland would be great.  I would also love her to have tea parties with her friends (or girlfriend, if you make it a shippy story!)!

Briar is another favorite, and I wish there was more of her in the recent episodes.  I love how unsure she is about her destiny and that she's firmly a Royal, but sees the Rebels' point of view.  I definitely ship Briar/Apple, as friends turned to something more.  Canon divergence where Briar becomes a Rebel in order to defy her destiny is welcome.  Fic where Briar hangs out with her friends (especially Apple and Ashlynn, but anyone is great) around Ever After High is also welcome.

Apple, Apple, Apple.  She frustrates me sometimes, because she's so sure that just because her destiny is going to work out well, everyone else's is, too.  That said, she's really well-meaning and sweet, and she usually comes around.  I would love something about what a happily-ever-after looks like now that she was awoken from her enchanted sleep by Darling, not Daring, or friendship fic with Raven, or anything where Apple is the super kind queen bee the Royals all revolve around.

Cerise is another favorite.  (They're all my favorites in this fandom. :D )  I would love her to be able to come clean about being half-wolf to someone- maybe Maddie or Raven?  Or something about her and her family.  They seem so happy together, despite having to keep such a big secret!  Or something about Cerise being a bookball star!  I don't have any preferred f/f ships for Cerise, but I would love femslash and could very easily be sold on a ship for Cerise, and I also ship Cerise/Daring.

Mira's design was fabulous, and I really wish we had gotten more of her.  Maybe a divergence where she pretended to be a student for longer?  Any kind of interactions with Mira would be great.  Mira non-conning or dub-conning one of the girls is totally welcome, if that's your thing.

I love Darling a lot.  I love that she's a knight in shining armor, but is also a princess.  I love that she's totally capable of taking down dragons!  I love the scene where she kisses Apple awake!  Does breaking Apple's curse lead to them finding a happily-ever-after together?  Or something with Darling & her brothers bonding now that they know her secret?  Or Darling going on adventures!  Or femslash with any of the other girls!

Jupiter Ascending
Characters: Jupiter Jones, Aleksa Jones, Kiza Apini

So all my main wants for this are about fun space adventures.  If you don't like any of my prompts, just feel free to throw things at the wall and see what sticks.  The more off-the-wall, the better!

I would love to see Aleksa and find out that Jupiter is space royalty!  I also ship Aleksa/Stinger; maybe he teaches Aleksa about space stuff?

What is life like for Kiza?  She's got her foot in two worlds; does she get lonely?  What is a day in her life like?

For Jupiter, I'd love her learning more about space stuff and deciding what to do next, possibly with space beuraucracy.  Or bonding with Kiza, or Jupiter/Caine with learning about each others' worlds.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters: Hope Van Dyne, Wanda Maximoff

Currently, I've seen all the movies in the MCU, so don't worry about any spoilers!

Hope was absolutely fantastic.  I love how angry she was, and I love her relationship with Scott and with her father.  I'd love something where she takes up the mantle of the Wasp and starts superheroing with Scott, or on her own.  (More heists are always welcome!)  Or maybe things are getting more serious with her and Scott, so she meets Cassie, and has conflicting feelings about that.

Wanda!  I absolutely loved her in Civil War.  I loved her arc, and how she chose to stop letting others' fear rule her.  I would love something about what happens post Civil War.  Or something pre-Civil War, where she's practicing with her powers and training with Team Cap!  I lowkey ship Wanda/Steve, so if you want to go for that, that works for me, too.

Veronica Mars
Characters: Veronica Mars, Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, Lilly Kane, Meg Manning

For this fandom, I mainly want these broken characters coming together and being whole together.  I like the movie, but if it doesn't work with your plot, feel free to ignore it.  Veronica/Logan is my OTP forever in this fandom.  You don't have to write them together, but please don't write them with other people (unless you're writing pre-canon).

Veronica is the best.  I would love to see her get to be happy for once, or solving cases, or getting revenge on people.  I know that Veronica/Logan is super dysfunctional, but I love their dynamic.  It's very "us against the world", and they both have a deep-seeded anger at everyone around them.

For Mac, I would love anything that showcases her computer skills, or deals with her remaining trauma from Cassidy.  Does she use her computer skills to make money for college in morally gray ways?

Something with Lilly pre-canon, being her awesome and/or terrible self.  Or canon divergence where Lilly isn't killed but everything goes to shit anyway.  Maybe Lilly appearing as a ghost to people other than Veronica and Duncan (Wallace, maybe)?

I love Meg.  "The only good person in Neptune", indeed.  Canon divergence where Meg lives?  Or something about the pull between being such a nice person but also being in with the popular kids at Neptune High?  Or something about her family life, which is pretty dark and never gets a good resolution in canon.

Wynonna Earp
Characters: Wynonna Earp, Waverly Earp, Nicole Haught

I love this little show like burning!  It's tons of fun, and it's the genderswapped version of Supernatural I always wanted.  Honestly, basically anything for this show would be great.  Don't worry about spoilers; I'm staying up-to-date on canon.

Wynonna is fantastic.  I love that she screws up and is awkward and that she's kind of bad at being the Heir.  I love that she's a terrible shot (or was) before she started practicing with Peacemaker.  I would love anything about her.  Maybe precanon fic about teen!Wynonna being a delinquent and ending up in juvie or the psych ward?  Or also precanon Wynonna travelling around and trying to leave Purgatory behind her.  Or Wynonna trying to put some of her less literal demons to rest when she comes back to Purgatory, dealing with people she hasn't seen in years.  Or hunting down demons, or bonding with Waverly, or anything, really.

Waverly is my bb.  She's cute, she's quirky, she's secretly burning with anger and resentment.  I would love fic about her during the years Wynonna was away, and all the work she did to research the Revenants.  Or something about her reuniting with Wynonna, and how that makes her feel.  Or about Waverly flirting with Nicole, especially in the wake of her breakup with Champ.

We don't know that much about Nicole, but that's what fic is for!  What are her thoughts on the supernatural goings-on in Purgatory?  What's a day like in the precinct when she's trying to work with Dolls?  And of course, I would love some Nicole/Waverly.