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Not Prime Time

Dear author,

I'm sure I'll like whatever you write for me, so just have fun!

I'm saiditallbefore on AO3.

Things I like:

  • Competency!  I love it when you show me my faves being good at things.

  • Outsider POV

  • Hurt/Comfort

  • 5 + 1

  • Friends-to-Lovers

  • Families of Choice

  • Angst with a happy ending

  • Pretend dating or secretly dating

  • Casefic

  • Porn with plot

See below for more specific prompts!


  • Mundane AUs, like high school or coffeeshop AUs

  • Character Death

  • Unprompted crossovers or fusions

  • Levels of violence that are graphic or extreme beyond canon

  • Non-con as a focus

  • PWPs

  • Brainwashing/mental horror

Jupiter Ascending
Jupiter Jones, Advocate Bob, Aleksa Jones, Caine Wise, Diomika Tsing, Kiza Apini, Nino Bolotnikov, Stinger Apini

So all my main wants for this are about fun space adventures.  If you don't like any of my prompts, just feel free to throw things at the wall and see what sticks.  The more off-the-wall, the better!

I would love to see Aleksa and/or Nino find out that Jupiter is space royalty!  I also ship Aleksa/Stinger; maybe he teaches Aleksa about space stuff?  And what is life like for Kiza?  She's got her foot in two worlds; does she get lonely?  What is a day in her life like?  I'd also love Advocate Bob (with or without Jupiter and Caine) manuvering space bureaucracy like an expert.  For Diomika: WTF is her actual job?  What does she do when she isn't rescuing space royalty?  And of course, I would love Jupiter/Caine, and Jupiter learning more about what being Seraphi's recurrance, while Caine learns more about Earth and tercies.

Veronica Mars
Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, Eli "Weevil" Navarro, Keith Mars, Lianne Mars, Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars, Wallace Fennel

For this fandom, I mainly want these broken characters coming together and being whole together.  I like the movie, but if it doesn't work with your plot, feel free to ignore it.  Veronica/Logan is my OTP forever in this fandom.  You don't have to write them together, but please don't write them with other people.

Veronica is the best.  I would love to see her get to be happy for once, or solving cases, or getting revenge on people.  For Logan, I would like to see him put some of his demons to rest.  Or get over himself a little.  I know that Veronica/Logan is super dysfunctional, but I love their dynamic.  It's very "us against the world", and they both have a deep-seeded anger at everyone around them.  Wallace does not get enough love in fandom; if you wrote anything starring him, it would be fantastic.  In particular, I would love any situation where he's completely out of his depth in Neptune because everyone there is more corrupt than he is used to.  Or if you're feelining really out there, maybe something where he meets Lilly Kane?  Canon divergence where she doesn't die, or Lilly's ghost appearing to him for Reasons.  For Mac, I would love anything that showcases her computer skills, or deals with her remaining trauma from Cassidy.  Does she use her computer skills to make money for college in morally gray ways?  For Weevil, I was really sad that he didn't get to work for Mars Investigations.  Anything that showcases his and Veronica's friendship, or forces him to work with someone else (Logan, Weevil, Mac) would be great.  For Keith, anything about him and Veronica (or him and one of the other characters?) would be great.  For Lianne, maybe some backstory about how she and Keith got together, or something where she tries to reconcile with Veronica and/or Keith?

Star Wars Original Trilogy
Mon Mothma, Leia Organa, Beru Whitesun, Owen Lars

I'm not caught up on the new EU, but feel free to incorporate whatever elements you want from that and from Legends if you like!

Leia and Mon Mothma both have pretty prominent places in the Rebellion, so I'd love something about that.  Anything where one of them goes on missions for the Rebellion or deals with the Imperial Senate would be great!  For Beru and Owen, I would love basically anything.  Character studies, something about how they got together, musing on their relationship with Luke- anything!

Agent Carter
Rose Roberts, Ana Jarvis, Peggy Carter, Angie Martinelli

This show is a delight.  I'm only requesting these four characters, but I love everyone in the show, so feel free to include whoever you like.  Rose/Peggy, Angie/Peggy, and Ana/Edwin/Peggy are super welcome.

Rose was a fantastic surprise this season!  What's a day in the life like for her?  Does she get roped into more cases with Peggy, now?  For Ana: tell me more!  Something quiet and domestic with her and Jarvis, or dealing with Howard, or something about her life before she came to America, or something where she gets roped into one of Peggy's cases.  For Angie: what's next for her?  Does she come to Hollywood and get a part in one of Howard's movies?  Does she get a part on Broadway and start working her way up?  And for Peggy: anything!  Getting roped in to Howard's shenanigans, or working a case, or something shippy, or anything.

I'm sure I'll like whatever you write!