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Lost Library Letter

Dear author,

I'm pretty excited to see what you create for this exchange!  I know I'll love whatever you create.

Do Not Wants:

  • non-con

  • extreme violence

  • character death

  • crossovers

  • brainwashing/mental horror

Agent Carter
The Captain America Adventure Program

I love the snippets of the Captain America Adventure Program we get in Agent Carter.  How badly does Steve get flanderized?  How helpless do they make his love interest?  How bad is their understanding of what the war was like?  Does Captain America single-handedly stop the war in both the European and Pacific theaters?  What about the supporting characters- what are they like?  Feel free to go crazy!

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket
How I Snatched the Baudelaire Fortune by Count Olaf (Unfinished)

I like to think this is made up of his failed plans: that it details each plan up until the Baudelaire children evade him once again, and he just stops and starts again when he comes up with a new plan.  Maybe tell me about one of their adventures from his perspective, or about a plan he had that he never executed for some reason, or an event that happened off-screen that the Baudelaire children didn't know about.

Emily of New Moon - L.M. Montgomery
A Seller of Dreams, Mark Delange Greaves- A Royal Betrothal, The Moral of the Rose

I've always found it tragic that Dean Priest told Emily that A Seller of Dreams was terrible, and that she burned it.  I would love to see your idea of what might have been in this book that never found its readers!

As for A Royal Betrothal, I don't have any preference whether you write the part by Mark Delange Greaves or the part by Emily.  I imagine that it's very melodramatic, like a badly-researched costume drama, and that Emily's bit is very fanficcy, but I'd love to see your take.

And of course, The Moral of the Rose was Emily's first great success.  We're told a little about the book within the story, but it won over even Elizabeth, and it got Emily to write again.  I think this book is probably more like L.M. Montgomery's books than any of Emily's other works described, though that's my own interpretation.  I'd love to read whatever you come up with!

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest (The Original Series), Galaxy Quest (TV - Second Series)

I imagine the original series would be a lot like Star Trek TOS in many ways, with a few touches of TNG.  Most of the characters are obviously based off of the characters of TOS, plus the "kid genius" Galaxy Quest character played by Tommy Webber.  I think the fun part would be seeing how the characters' personalities and issues would play through even with a script: Jason's character would probably be a giant ham, Tommy's character would probably be an obnoxious kind of comedy relief, and Gwen's only job would be repeating the computer and looking pretty.

I think the sequel series would be just as cheesy (it's basically Star Trek, after all!  I say this with love), but it would be a little more of an ensemble show rather than the Jason (and maybe Alexander) show.  Would Guy become the audience's new favorite and end up the stealth star of every episode?  Would Lailari understand acting, or would she just be herself and the cast would trust that the audience wouldn't understand?

Obviously, you're actually writing the episode here, so the characters will be "in-character".  I'd just love to see what you do with this!

Long Live the Queen
Elodie's Textbooks

The game gives us lots of snippets from Elodie's textbooks, but I'd love more!  Maybe books that are more advanced than the subjects she's currently studying, or else ones that are different from what we get in the game.  Or maybe just a different snippet than the game-relevant ones!  What was it like when Lumen were accepted in the kingdom?  How did that affect politics, etc.?  Tell me about the all the crazy poisonous plants (that could kill poor Elodie)!

Go crazy!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Daddy's Boy (Film), Spiderman Too: 2 Many Spidermen (Play)

What are these even about?  During Titus's viral video, Daddy's Boy is shown on YouTube's suggested videos and it's tagged NSFW, so there's that.  As for Spiderman Too, the scenes of it we got were hysterical.  Why are there so many Spidermen?  I'm a nerd, so I can think of legitimate, comic-based reasons (clone saga) but honestly, the more ridiculous, the better.

Thanks for writing for me!  I know I'm going to like whatever you write!